The following are a list of sources and collaborators.
       The ones underlined have a web site. Click on that line to view the site.

      TLNA Card Images

          Abe Nursery, wholesale nursery 805-684-3335

          Alex’s Tile Works, tile contr.805-892-4411

          Architects West, Jerry A. Zimmer architect 805-966-7141

          Barbara Nimmo, fine gardening 805-886-2584

          Berylwood Tree Farm, Rolla Wilhite 805-485-7601

          Cliff Solem, gen. contr. 805-344-1908

          Craig Joujon-Roche, handyman/carpenter/painter 805-637-4829

          Custom Lighting, David Bauman 805-652-2180

          Dave Steed, gen. bldr. 805-637-6005

          David Gaston Landscape Design & Construction,805-566-3777

          Donald J. Nulty, architect  805-963-1761

          Earth Logic, Omar Turkell, stone material 805-455-7070

          Giovanni's Nursery, wholesale nursery 805-566-9990

          Gutshall-Vega Studio, upholstery 805-962-8545

          Holehouse Construction Co., gen. contr. 805-966-9662

          Jimenez Nursery & Landscape, nursery & landscape contractor 805-684-7955

          Ken Davenport, architect  805-683-9214

          Kenneth W. Hoffman Construction, gen. contr. 805-962-7113

          Ketzel & Goodman, Ray Ketzel architect 805-962-0655

          Kneedler-Fauchere, West Hollywood fabric 310-855-1313

          Lenvik & Minor Architects, Edwin Lenvik, 805-963-3357

          Mark Bennett, ceramist, illustration & art paintings

          Mark C. Johnston Construction, gen. contr.  805-962-6470

          Mike Schlagel Concrete, concrete contractor 805-682-9533

          NS Ceramic, tile 805-962-1422

          Orientations, Jerry Janssen, fine asian antiques 831-655-9766

          Pat Scott Masonry, Eddie Langhorn, stonework 805-683-9194

          Radis Electric, electrical contractors 805-566-2100

          San Marcos Growers, wholesale nursery 805-683-1561

          Santa Barbara Stone & Masonry Supplies, Inc., 805-963-5891

          Terra Sol Garden Center, retail nursery and fountains 805-964-7811

          Tilford Welding, John Tilford 805-966-2444

          Tom Ridenour, gen. bldr. 805-966-1861

          Tom Wright, developer-builder 805-969-7385

          Town 'N Country Watergardens Inc., natural pond contractor 805-966-2461

          Turk Hessellund Nursery, retail nursery 805-969-5871

          Village Pool Builders, Duane Hanna, pool contr. 805-969-0211